SINLOIHI COLOR BASE SF-3000N Series is a water-based fluorescent sub-micron pigment that is formaldehyde free. The SF-3000N Series provides excellent color brilliancy and light-fastness when used for water-based fluorescent ink such as marker ink, roller ball pen ink, plastic nib pens, etc.
 The SF-3000N Series offers smooth and easy writing performance due to the sub-micron particle size, especially when it is used as stationery pen ink.

・ Color variation
SF-3022N Green
SF-3014N Orange
SF-3015N Lemon Yellow
SF-3017N Pink
SF-3037N Violet
SF-3038N Blue
Product Name SF-3014N
SF-3022N SF-3038N
Solid Content 38±1.5 35±1.5 30.0±1.5
P.H.Value 6.0±1
Viscosity(mPa・s) 5.0~20.0
Specific Gravity 1.05±0.05
Average Particle size(μm) <0.2