Photoluminescent Pigment

Inorganic photoluminescent pigment LC-G1S avails itself of fluorescent substances that can remain luminous for long hours in the dark. It absorbs the light energy from sunlight, a fluorescent lamp, an incandescent lamp or other light source and gradually releases the energy and emits light in the darkness.
Safety signs such as evacuation exit sign, evacuation direction sign as well as the toys can be made which radiate light in a dark place.

Applications : Paints, Inks, Films, and other Various Applications
Above photographs show “LOIHI TAPE #100 Adhesive Tape”, made of a film uses LC-G1S pigment coating and processed with screen printing.

Ingredient Color Glowing Color
Gravity Average
Particle Size
Afterglow Brightness
In conformity to DIN-67510 (Xe 1000Lx 5-minutes Irradiation)
ZnS:Cu Milky-White Yellow Green 4.1 15~20μm 10min: 27mcd/㎡ 60min: 3mcd/㎡
Solvent Aqueous Resin
× Suitable for Luminous Safety Signs, Labels and Toys etc.
The exposure to green light for about 20 minutes.
to all solvents
  Molding temperature
is below 1000℃
  The surface discolors black and decrease of the light brightness when continuously irradiating with a Black-Light.

Net weight: 1kg or 20kg