SINLOIHI COLOR FA-200 series is superior solvent stability. FA-200 Series is suitable for silk screen ink, PVC coating and gravure inks.

・Color variation
FA-202 Green
FA-203 Red
FA-204 Orange
FA-205 Lemon Yellow
FA-206 Orange Yellow
FA-207 Pink
FA-227 Magenta
FA-257 Violet
FA-209 White
・ Properties
Average particle size 3.5~4.5μm
Softing point Over 150℃
Heat stability Printed PVC film (the printed by ink which is made from FA-200)
is not discolored when heated at 150℃ for 10 minutes.
Solvent stability Don't dissolution aromatic hydrocarbons solvents and ketene
According to the combination part of alcohol is not suitable.
・ Use
PVC coating, Silkscreen ink for PVC , Paper coating, Film coating,
Paint, etc.

Package :Paper bag
Net weight:10kg