SINLOIHI color FM Series is utilized in the form of a solution; that is, in the form of a transparent clear coating material similar to dye ink or in the form of colored clear lacquer.
Because of the scattered light effected by their fluorescent pigment particles, ordinary fluorescent ink of fluorescent coating materials will produce a finished surface almost opaque in appearance. For example, when it is desired to produce an undercoat effect resembling a metallised polyester film, SINLOIHI pigment other than those of FM Series will produce an opaque-finished surface. On the other hand, FM Series can produce a beautifully finished surface by making the most of light reflected from a metallised polyester film surface reinforced by the fluorescent color.
Particularly, used for metallic yarn, felt-tipped pens as well as permeable fluorescent sprays and getting very high evaluation.



Appearance: Granule, max. 3mm
Solvent Stability:
Cyclohexanone Soluble
Acetone Soluble
Methyl ethyl ketone Soluble
Mineral spirits Hardly Soluble
Cellosolve Readily Soluble
Ethyl alcohol Hardly Soluble
Toluene Hardly Soluble


  • Metallic yarn processed from metallised polyester film
  • Felt-tipped pens
  • Permeable fluorescent spray


Samples are available upon request for enabling you to understand the highest quality of our products.
(but there is the limit in a free sample)

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